Go-To-Plastics provides high-quality solutions and custom plastic products for a wide range of plastic manufacturing needs. We service a broad range industries such as Medical, Marine, Agricultural, Sporting Goods, Construction, Photographic, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Cosmetic, and Electronic.

Our team can assist you in creating a project plan that will best fit your company's budget while helping you choose the best manufacturing process possible. With 20 years in the plastics industry, we understand our customers demand for high-quality plastic products and on-time delivery while still providing superior customer service. By choosing Go-To-Plastics, you can expect everything from one relationship.

Injection Moldingfrom concept to finished products, Go-To-Plastics offers turnkey solutions for injection molded parts.Injection Molded Lid Our machine capabilities include over 20 injection-mold machine presses that range from 25-1000 ton capacity with the versatility to accommodate short-runs as well as high-volume production runs. We also provide design consultation, mold making, prototyping, sonic-welding, hot-stamping, pad-printing and assembling.

Vacuum & pressure thermoforming
production is an excellent option for mid-range production volumes or situations requiring frequent mold changes. Thermoformed LidIt is especially effective for enclosures, bezels, covers and trays. Additionally, Go-To-Plastics offers a wide variety of tooling solutions that utilize the flexibility of this production method. Our expertise in tooling extends from precision aluminum cast molds to limited production wood, epoxy or fiberglass molds.

Rotational Molding Go-To-Plastics provides custom rotational molding (rotomolding) services for a broad group of industries and applications. Roto-Molded Motor HousingWe produce a wide variety of plastic articles including photograph waste tanks, liquid storage tanks, speaker housings and meter boxes. Our 24,000 square foot facility is equipped with seven rotomolding stations and CNC trim machine centers. Our experienced staff and production support group are ready to assist you in the design and manufacture of custom products tailored to meet your OEM requirements.

Plastic Fabrication Go-To-Plastics fabrication capabilities take concepts from design stage to sales floor. We specialize in serving original equipment manufacturers in the medical, electronic, photographic and commercial industries. Plastic Fabrication - Dark BoxBy providing plastic products as solutions, our customer's concepts become realistic, feasible and affordable.

Machined Plastic Parts
At Go-To-Plastics, we specialize in the fabrication of all precision machined plastic components. We have a wide variety of modern CNC machining equipment for your complex machining needs for turning, milling, drilling and routing operations.Machined Plastic PartsWe also have conventional plastic machining equipment for producing high-quality plastic components at competitive prices.

Custom Displays Brochure holders, plastic displays, point-of-purchase displays, sunglass carousel displays and lightboxes are just a few examples ofCustom Display what Go-To-Plastics can offer in point-of-purchase display products. By combining various new display materials along with our combined abilities in plastic fabrication, molding and screenprinting, we are able to create a unique look and style that will achieve our customer's marketing goals.

Graphics and Screen Printing Go-To-Plastics provides a full array of screen-printed applications including face-plates, plotters, signage, banners and decals. Screen PrintingWe offer all elements of format line and 4-color process work for a large range of different substrates, such as paper display board, plastic, metal and wood. We believe that the quality of your images is a direct reflection of our high standards and dedication.

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